Tuesday, September 7, 2010

win a garmin!

i'm salivating at the possibilities.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

boot camp week 3

here's a LINK to Inperspire's week 3 of boot camp. i'm thinking i'll spread it out during the week so i can finally be caught up to all the cool kids. these are the totals:
200 jumping jacks
300 jump ropes
50 high knees
50 side-to-side lateral jumps*
50 hop scotch**
100 squats
100 push ups
100 crunches
that breaks down to this for tues and wed
100 jumping jacks (100)
150 jump ropes (150)30
25 high knees (25)
25 lateral jumps (30)
25 hopscotch (25)
50 squats (50)50
50 push ups (50)50
50 crunches (50)50
25 rope climbers (25)25
25 heel touches (25)25

all the starred exercises have explanations of links on the original post.

in other news i ran a couple miles yesterday! yay!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

boot camp week 2 & running

so i didn't end up doing the boot camp exercises during the week. it was very... blah. and kinda busy. i had a final presentation due on tuesday and a final paper due on thursday. i managed to do a little jogging earlier in the week, though. ya know, before the sleep deprivation kicked in. i also went on a 3 mile run this afternoon! woo hoo! i probably did about a mile and a half on the first run (25 min total and about 15ish jogging). i actually ran most of the time today. i definitely had to ice but it was a small price to pay. i'm praying to all the running gods that i'll be able to complete all my legs of the Oregon Relay in a few weeks without incident. i have some of the easiest which i was disappointed about originally but now i'm so grateful.

so now that it's 1:30 on sunday morning i figured i'd start with my boot camp stuff. perfect time, right? i thought about doing it while we watched a movie (The Road, creepy stuff) but it was too stressful and i needed to snuggle with alvin and close my eyes for a fair amount of time. my balance isn't good enough to do all those exercises with my eyes closed.

so, once again, here are the week 2 exercises:

200 Jumping Jacks CHECK (220 whoops)
300 Jump Ropes CHECK
100 Push ups CHECK
300 Squats CHECK
10 – 20 count Wall Squats* CHECK
10 – 10 count Planks** CHECK (12 count)
100 Sit ups - CHECK

i have 10:24 hours to finish...
UPDATED: finished with 9 minutes to spare. maybe if i actually started on friday things wouldn't be so difficult...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boot Camp Challenge

one of my buddies who runs (as opposed to a running buddy which implies that i can keep up with her), Laurie, over at The (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom blogged about the Inperspire Virtual Boot Camp Challenge. the idea is to challenge yourself a little more everyday. i love that. that, in my opinion, is where big changes come from, the little tweaks to your life.

i stumbled on laurie's post mid-week and decided instead of trying to play catch up (the numbers seem very daunting) i'm a week behind everyone else taking the challenge. i think tonight or tomorrow i'll go ahead and do the second week because, honestly, the first really wasn't so bad. and i promise i'm quite fleshy and weak; don't be fooled by my sveltivity (that last comment was uber-sarcastic just so you know). i did all of them in about half an hour (the last half hour of sunday) while we watched the colbert report. time well spent, i'd say. i did wuss out and do modified push-ups. funny story time!! alvin and i had some school friends over and we were playing some game. somehow alvin and one of his friends competed in push-ups. alvin's been working on the 100 push up challenge so he kicked butt. i think he made it to 70- or 80-something. the other guy made it to the 30s. always wanting to play with the big boys i decided to try to show-off. i did 40-something push-ups in a row, just enough to show this guy up. real mature, eh? maybe i'll try those next time.

intrigued yet? here's how it works, you have from friday to sunday at midnight to do all the exercises... yeah, that's about it.

week one
300 jumping jacks
300 jump ropes (with or without a rope)
100 push-ups
200 sit-ups

week two
200 Jumping Jacks
300 Jump Ropes
100 Push ups
300 Squats
10 – 20 count Wall Squats*
10 – 10 count Planks**
100 Sit ups

if you click on the week two link there are explanations for the starred exercises. and if you finish you get a cute little button!

Monday, May 24, 2010

another (someone else's) giveaway

this time it's beth over at Shut Up and Run. she's got an extra “Choose You Get Healthy Gift Bag” from the American Cancer Society to give away. i know exactly who it'd go to if i won.

Friday, May 21, 2010

what lies ahead

i'm sorry to those of you who commented on my posts and i didn't notice. i'm pretty sure no one ever really reads this so if you have thank you! and if you comment DOUBLE thank you's!

i'm still resting my foot. alvin and i noticed about a week after the marathon that the little pointy bone in the side of the foot (i know there's a really cool name for it but i don't remember what it is) was sticking out farther than usual and more than the other side. the weird thing is that it's on my left foot (it was my right that gave me so much trouble during the marathon, but the pain evened out afterwords. not that the pain got better, mind you). my ankle's also been giving me issues so i've been icing that about once a day. after icing the other night, just lying in bed, reading, i had the worse charlie horse known to man. well, probably not that bad. but it hurt so much i cried out. and it seemed to last a good 45 seconds. that's years in charlie horse time.

so i went for another visit to the PT's and this one gave me some stretches and other advice to treat it. she also advised me to baby it and stay off it as much as possible. if anyone's got an extra bike lying around she also told me to use that instead of even walking around campus. i've been cross-training with 30 day shred and spinning. i even braved the eliptical for 15 minutes. it wasn't even awful, though i did start to feel a little pain toward the end. we got EA Active today and i tried that. besides the obnoxious trainer... well, at least there's a lot of different workout options so we'll see how it goes.

i'm thinking about the Crater Lake Rim Run in august. it looks awesome! the altitude is above 7000 feet, though, which i wasn't intimidated by (flagstaff is about 6700) until i told alvin and his eyes almost bugged out of his head. i forget we're only around 400 feet. if i do decide to run it we'll camp out a couple nights before to get used to the air. the whole race (10k-ish, half and full marathons) is capped at 500 participants. that could get lonely at the end. i LURVE crater lake, though. alvin and i went camping there the summer we dated and jumped in the freezing lake. i puked most of the way home not knowing chloe was on her way. then my first term back to school i took a geology of the NW class and did a report on mt. mazama and crater lake. pretty nutsy stuff! not to mention it's absolutely gorgeous! the water is so clear you can almost see the bottom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


not mine but i want to win!

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